If you take health supplements then be careful

A habit has often been seen among people employed. In the hurry, they do not have breakfast, they eat out in the daytime, and order dinner at night also. That is, there is not enough time for a healthy diet or just for the sake of exercise. However, it is not that people of the employer are not sensitive about their health. They are very healthy consonants and therefore they also take health supplements daily. Doctors believe that apart from herbal supplements claiming to boost immunity, many types of multivitamin and other health supplements are quite popular among people.
According to Suranjeet Chatterjee, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine of Apollo Hospital, there is no evidence that these health supplements benefit. At the same time, Dr R., senior consultant, Nephrology Department of the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences. P. Mathur said that some health products contain poisonous substances, which can be worn by the kidneys for long periods of time.
An advisory issued by the Harvard Medical School says that promoting the number of cells located in the body is not right. Take Athlitas, for example. The athletes who do blood doping, that is, they pump so much blood into their body system, which can increase the risk of stroke in the blood cells (blood cells) and their performance.
Harvard's Advisory says Healthy Lifestyle is very important to keep the immune system healthy. It is important that regular fruits and vegetables are consumed, healthy weight management, do not smoke and regularly exercise. Also, keep in mind the cleanliness of your hands so that no infection is spread after contact with any infected person.
Doctors say that the use of health supplements has increased greatly in the past few years. Many times, a doctor prescribes itself, and many times people start buying them by themselves. Since these health supplements are easily available at every chemist shop and counter, people think that their use is absolutely safe. but it's not like that. Dr Anoop Mishra, chairman of Fortis C-DOT, says that due to the handling of Healthy Diet, people who take necessary health supplements for the necessary nutrients are in the body. Many times the doctor also prescribes them in huge amounts.


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