Every year air pollution is caused by death of millions of children


Air pollution is very harmful to our health. It not only threatens serious diseases but can also lead to the loss of human life. In a recent report, it has been revealed that due to air pollution, approximately 70 lakh people die of untimely deaths every year, of which only 6 lakh are children. United Nations Special Envoy David R. on Environment and Human Rights. Boyd has given this information. Boyd said, more than six billion people are breathing in such polluted air, which has put their life, health and well-being in danger. It has one-third number of children. Boyd said in the Human Rights Council in Geneva, 800 people die every hour after suffering from cancer, respiratory illness or heart problems due to respiratory pollution for many years. Yet there is not enough attention on this side, because these deaths are not as dramatic as the deaths caused by other disasters or epidemics.

He said, air pollution can be stopped. At the same time, he urged the legal obligations to ensure clean air, which is necessary to meet the rights of life, health, water and sanitation, proper home and a healthy environment. Boyd said, there are many examples of good traditions, such as the programs run in India and Indonesia. Through this, millions of poor families have been helped to adopt a clean cooking technology and the coal-fired power plants are being successfully removed.

These prakrams save air pollution

In the inverse-inverse pranayam, breathing through the right nostril of the nose, then exhale out the nose from the left nostril. Similarly, if you breathe through the left pore of the nose, then take out the breath from the right pore of the nose. Take this action for the first 3 minutes and then practice it for 10 minutes. You do this by sitting in the open air. By doing this yoga, the lungs become powerful. With this Nadia is pure and the body becomes healthy, thoughtful and powerful.

Sit straight by putting a lid for it, close your eyes and keep your hands in the knowledge gauge. Experience the speed of breath by bringing meditation on breath, and now start this verb. For this, pull the lower part of the abdomen inwards and throttle the breath with the force out of the nose. Do this procedure repeatedly until it is not tired. Then take out the full breath and sit comfortably by normalizing the breath. After kaplabhati, the mind becomes calm, the breath becomes slow and the body becomes stable. It increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and blood becomes purified.

Sit in the posture of Sudhasan or Padmasana. Keep eyes closed. Place left hand on the left knee in the pyramid posture, then pressing the right nose ring with the ring of the nostrils closed. Then breathe heavily with the midwifery nostril. Try to stop breathing as per your ability. Then close the right nostrils and breathe in the left nostril. Start at least 10 cycles in the beginning and gradually increase your cycle when you become habituated. While practicing this pranayama in the beginning, the practitioner breathes only with the right nervous system and extracted from the nausea. Do not practice breathlessness. The practice of this pranayama destroys asthma, vata, and cough diseases.

Sit deep in the normal situation and breathe deeply. Now quit the whole breath three times while stopping. Use your stomach and diaphragm to push the air from the body. But, keep in mind that it is not uncomfortable for you to leave your breath. Touch your chin with your chest and pull your stomach completely inside and slightly upwards. Stay in this position according to your ability. Then lift your chin slowly and breathe slowly. Fill the lungs completely with the air. Repeat this process three times



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