Kylie Jenner becomes the youngest billionaire


Kylie Jenner has become the youngest billionaire in the world. Kylie is the mistress of the cosmetic company at the age of 21. His company 'Chilicomics' has managed to sell 360 million dollars. Kylie started its company three years ago (year 2016) and at present the company's value is estimated to be $ 90 million. This increase in their net worth has also resulted from TV stunts and endorsements. Prior to Kylie, this title was with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Mark became the youngest billionaire at the age of 23

Kylie has got the title of the richest woman's title

Kylie Jener is the Saudi sister of reality TV star Kim, Cole and Courtney Kardashian. His company's products are well-liked. His clients include billionaire and Hollywood stars. Kylie has over 1000 stores. Some time ago Kylie was included in the list of the world's youngest rich women. Then Kylie found the place on the cover page of Forbes Magazine. Kylie married Travis Scott in 2017. Both of these have a daughter.

Bezos is still the richest

Forbes released a list of 2153 people on Tuesday. The list is still the richest Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Their total assets are $ 131 billion. In the list of rich, Mukesh Ambani topped the list at number 13, up six places. The number of calls in this list is 20,57.



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